Travelling Veg … keep ‘em fresher for longer


Let’s face it, your getaway in 2020 at this stage is probably going to be in Fiordland rather than Fiji, right?

Maybe you’ll tiki tour around New Zealand in a campervan, rent a cottage on a windswept beach or take the boat out for a winter getaway, It’s a win-win – you’ll save money, see the country and support local tourism.

All booked?

Now it’s time to stock up with groceries, hit the road, hit the beach, hit the bach…

Wait. (And before you hit the supermarket for your holiday supplies.)

Do you know how you can store all your vegetables so that they stay  fresh during your break away?

Of course you know! You quick smart order your Freshkeeper sachets here so you can tuck the little darlings into your fruit bowls, vegetable crispers, chilly bins – next to whatever produce to ensure it stays fresher for longer.

Joy is a seasoned Kiwi caravan enthusiast. She says while she’s on the road she tries to keep her supermarket visits to a bare minimum. ‘Although, I admit  all those fresh fruit stands and orchards are hard to resist!’

Along with having a supply of Freshkeeper sachets on hand, Joy  tells us how she makes her vegetables last.

Wrap stars: Store your vegetables in brown paper, rather than plastic bags (we hate plastic). I tend to save the Hello Fresh brown paper bags or small mushroom bags and these come in handy when we go on a trip. Also keep your onions and potatoes separate as they tend to turn each other bad!

Stash salads: Buy cos lettuce – it lasts longer than iceberg lettuce. Also if you have time, you can wash and dry loose leafy salad greens in a salad spinner then wrap loosely in paper towels and place in a food storage container – these will stop the leaves going soggy,

Turn your Tomatoes:  Keep your tomatoes in a cool place, then bring them out every other day to sun ripen on a window sill (of course, don’t do this while you’re travelling!) And if you can, go for Roma tomatoes – they last really well.

Sweet, potatoes! Kumara are a godsend: they last longer than potatoes and pumpkin, and are so versatile when you’re on the road – chips, mash, fabulous.

Cool cabbages and carrots: These travel well. Carrots last up to a month in the fridge but wrap them in paper towels as excess moisture will cause them to rot. Cabbage has its own inbuilt storage system thanks to its protective leaves – just keep it in a cool dry place or in the crisper drawer (mine always has a Freshkeeper sachet in it).

Sprout up! Why not use the time to experiment? On our last trip I picked up some organic mung beans from the health food shop and grew my own in a jar – it took a few days and they were beautiful – throw a handful in your salad or stir-fry. To get them sprouting fast, soak them overnight in hot water, then just rinse and drain once a day.

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