Why Use Freshkeeper
{ Why Use Freshkeeper ? }

One word, Ethylene.

Well… to be honest it sounds daunting!
Ethylene is a naturally occurring gas, that is actually emitted by the fresh produce itself. To be precise it’s a hormonal marker, that determines life stage of fruit, veg and flowers too.

Even the colour change in leaves is, you guessed it; Ethylene.

What Freshkeeper does is, it neutralises ethylene from the ambient environment. Because of that, less ethylene is available to the fresh produce and that helps them stay fresher for longer.

Freshkeeper does not need to touch the fresh produce in anyway and does not introduce anything into the environment, as a product it is totally non-invasive.

And in the end you can throw it out with your normal rubbish!

In the developed economies the most amount of fresh produce happens at the retail and consumer level. A very quick search will prove that to you.

By using Freshkeeper and other ways to maximise the life cycle of your fresh produce, you are not only saving money but also reducing wastage.

An insane and totally unnecessary amount of fresh produce ends up in landfills and rubbish bins. Fresh produce belongs in your fridge and bowls, not in the bins or the landfill.

We know that reducing global food waste is huge ask and requires a lot but in saying that we are certain that each step no matter how insignificant, matters.