What is Ethylene?

It’s a colourless and odourless gas which is produced by fruits and vegetables as they ripen. Accumulation of ethylene can cause premature ripening and decay in stored fruit and vegetables.

Why reduce/control ethylene?

By reducing the amount of ethylene present in a storage environment you can increase the shelf life of fruit, vegetables and flowers too.

How does Freshkeeper reduce ethylene?

Every Freshkeeper sachet is made of a material that allows exchange of gases and has potassium permanganate granules in it. As the ethylene in the ambient environment comes in contact with these granules, it is absorbed and removed.


How long do the sachets last?

Your Freshkeeper pack contains 3 separate sachets and each sachet should last you a month.


Does Freshkeeper only works in the fridge?

No, you can use the Freshkeeper sachet in you fruit bowl as well. Just place it next to the fruits and see the difference.


How to dipose of the used sachet?

You can throw them out with your regular rubbish.