{ Refrigerator Storage Ideas }

The cardboard box that Freshkeeper came in turns into a crafty container and with the help of the velcro tape provided, attach it to the fruit & veg compartment of your fridge.

Take a single sachet of Freshkeeper out and place it in the crafty container that you just created and install it in the fruit & veg compartment (or the crisper drawer) of your fridge.

FreshKeeper 3 Pack

And you are done! Repeat after a month. Just change the sachet that is, the crafty container can stay there for three months. Just a heads up.

Like anything else, it’s about love and care here as well.

It’s not a good idea to throw everything together in a bunch in your crisper drawer, try and store them properly in paper or cotton bags if possible.

Here are some more fruit and vegetable storage ideas using Freshkeeper.

Generally speaking vegetables tend to be happier in an environment where they can breathe and it’s slightly humid.

Store fruit and vegetables separately. Why you ask? You might have guessed it… the answer is ethylene again!

Freshkeeper is all about freshness.


And wash vegetables just before using them as moisture only quickens the decay. And especially for salad greens, a quick dunk in ice water is good way to freshen them up. We all like fresher vegetables right?

Wash your salad greens

{ Outside The Refrigerator Storage Ideas }

It can be used in a fruit bowl, or any other place in your home where fruits & vegetables generally tend to congregate.

Just bring a sachet out and keep it in the vicinity of the fruit & vegetables.

It will do it’s job.

Use that fruit bowl you once thought was a lame gift!

Fruits are best left to ripen slowly outside of a refrigerator. If they are too ripe you can put them in the refrigerator, but keep in mind that they taste best when at room temperature.

There is a lot of debate out there about whether tomatoes go into the fridge or not. Look, just take a side and stick to it, just make sure you have a Freshkeeper wherever you keep them. How about that! Problem solved! 😉

Keeping with the debatable theme we reckon its “cool” to keep your citrus in your refrigerator. Try it out if you want. See what we did there???

As mentioned before just treat your fruit & veg with love, care and attention (& Freshkeeper, just saying). They’re good for you, so just be equally nice to them too.

Use Freshkeeper in your fruit bowl